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The Main 3 Step of Renovation 


Staying at existing footprint with improve functions .

Bathroom Aids
Finished Materials

We will help you with selecting all finished materials required for your project, We're here .

Bathroom Toilet

We will meet you expectation every step of the way. You're in good hand.

Steps involved in Renovation

1. Blueprint:

A proposal will be made where the ideas will be mapped on paper and a blueprint will be created. This is to ensure that the client has a clear idea of what is going to take shape.

2. Materials:


A choice will be given to select various materials and textures for the particular renovation project. This list will be outlined by the Designers keeping in mind the suitability of the client’s interests and budget both.

3. Installation:


Careful delivery, transportation and placing of raw material will be carried out by the team. This stage is quite complex and is often when the client stresses the most. With NYVK you can stay relaxed as they ensure that no damage is caused and everything sails smoothly even in the rough weathers.

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