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Home Remodeling 

The Main 3 Step of Home Remodeling 

Industrial Design Car Sketch 2
Design Plan

Detailed Plan of the whole project is the key success of home remodeling. The more question you ask, the greater the outcome will be.

Carpenter Assembling Newly Made Windows
Finished Materials

We will help you with selecting all finished materials required for your project, don't worried'' You not alone.

Villa Pool

We will piece up all the puzzle's and give you the "wow" factor that you patiently waited for.

"WOW"  ....... Love it, 

Designers at NYVK will leave you stunned with their expertise. Here is what goes in the making:

1. Framing of the Proposal:

The initial step is putting client’s ideas, wants and needs on the piece of paper and then meddle it with the concepts of the designers creating a striking blueprint to get the vivid idea of what is in store. In this proposal, cost, designing, logistics, labour and installation etc. all will be covered and full transparency will be maintained. Once the blueprint is ready, the client is happy with the suggested concepts then it goes down to the construction team.

2. Materials and goods:

When it comes to home renovation each corner of the house needs to be handpicked to give that finesse and get the comfort one is looking for. NYVK will get you a list of materials and goods along with samples that the client can see and decide which will be within the budget. The designers will work in close coordination with the client and make sure that there is no confusion or room for any errors.

3. Installation:


When all is set and in place then installations process can be carried out in an organized manner where there will be no room for errors. The team of NYVK is polished and versatile in carrying out even the toughest Home Renovation projects. So, you do not have to stress once you hand over your home.

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