Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen is the most use place in a home, often is a key feature and selling point of a home, most people agreed that kitchen renovation is a wise investment for a home, which you could enjoy for many many years and recouped at selling time.

We at NYVK make sure to help you maximize your kitchen functionality, design and most important' under budgets.

Kitchen Cabinet Options:

Stock cabinet:

Only come in standard size and basic specs due to cabinet is already build, there is no modification allow at all.      


Semi-custom cabinet:

It is a modular cabinet which will have more choice of door styles, color and construction to choose from vs stock cabinet, Common modification is available and semi-custom cabinet tend to run approx. 30% more than stock cabinet.   


Full Custom cabinet:

It is a cabinet line that is build base on your specification. Main benefit using custom cabinets is they could fully maximize your space, design potential and custom paint match option. For the obvious reason they tend to cost the most.  

Cabinet Construction options:

Frame partial overlay, Frame full overlay, Frame-less/ Full access to Inset.

We carry very wide variety materials for your kitchen from: wood, painted wood, exotic wood, distress, texture melamine, acrylic, 3-D laminated, thermofoil, lacquer, stainless, MDF and etc.

* We offer wholesale prices for all kitchen cabinet ranging from semi to full custom guarantee to beat all big box store's and retails.