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The Subtle Art of Renovating a Living Room

Consider renovating a living room by adding a bohemian touch to it. Add little Egyptian sculptures. Floor it with carpets of Persian finesse. What are we cooking? Playing with ideas is essential while renovating corner of your house. Living rooany ms, as the name suggests is where one can be at ease and breathe. You can use this space any way you want it. People use their living rooms as their study, place to meditate and even for that late night watching Netflix. The living room can be an embodiment of one’s mind and soul. It is that place where one hangs out the most, be it be those slumber parties with friends, movie nights with family, to spend some "me" time or just a place to enjoy those ruddy sunsets, stirring nights and sanguine mornings. The fun of living rooms lies in spending time late nights either by oneself or with someone special where you can talk on and on untiringly.

There are many styles of designing a living room space, which is available in the market today. Architects and designers are working together hand in hand to show the model concepts for living rooms to their clients so that they can decide accordingly. Classic living rooms with the elements of vintage gatherings, modern living rooms designed with contemporary artefacts or maybe an inspired design from across the oceans; the varieties and choices are unlimited. All one needs is to work on an idea, a vision and map that on a blueprint to bring that to life. Let us shine some light on the elements that we can work with to renovate a living room which is hip and in trend. Choose the right colour! Bold hues, refreshing greens and sultry reds are the colours to go for. You can get textured walls or hang a painting to add the warmth of the red colours. Maybe you can get your living rooms painted in shades of green to give a lush feel. Throw in some blues to add luxury and a royal feel to the living room space. Colour adds the life and be careful in choosing the right shade that can match up with the rest of the elements in use for its decor. You would need an interior designer for advice as people often regret after the choice of the shade once the colour is on the walls. Chandeliers and lights! There are beautiful lightings and chandelier designs that leaves one wonderstruck. Classic lampshades to more artistic designs matching the modern trends NY City style are best to remodel the place with. The lights add the vigour to the room. A strategic way to highlight paintings on the wall is with that perfect lighting, which will also help set the mood of the place well. As far as chandeliers are concerned, it adds luxury to the room. If you are someone for who styling matters considerately then one can never go wrong with chandeliers. Artefacts, Sculptures and Mantelpieces! To give meaning to your living space, artefacts and sculptures can be a delight as centrepieces of attraction. They will not only add depth to your space but also glorify it even more. People invest in bohemian artefacts, imported sculptures from Africa and European mantelpieces that become valuable assets of their homes. It depends on how one feels comfortable in a living space and what elements would give that homely feel. Pleasing Drapes and Curtains! You cannot leave drapes out of the site. Curtains that would match the colour of the walls and go with the decor are going to be the focus. There are a number of patterns and fabrics to choose from. Silks, Linens and fibres of Jute are high on trend this year. For luxury; choose silk, for more homely feel; choose Linen and for that rustic charm; you can never go wrong with Jute.

Once the elements are sorted, now comes the major part and that is the flooring and tiling of living rooms.

While remodelling homes or any space, as a matter of fact, flooring is a unique part of the process that needs to be given due diligence and priority. Mahogany woods, amber wood, epoxy flooring, ceramics and marble textures etc. marvellous patterns are available that can bring life to space. Wooden floorings are versatile as they go well with any room setting. Also, epoxy and wooden flooring are budget-friendly and cost-effective as they offer longer durability. With epoxy flooring, you can experiment with colours or designs can be created like floral, oceanic or patterns of some kind to add the artistic finish to the flooring. Living room spaces usually are subtle kind, so sparkle floors maybe with warm colours of epoxy can work well. Flowers, water effect or patterns like spirals, geometry, and waves etc. can be created. It adds beauty to a different tangent. It makes one go speechless. Always impresses one deeply! If not wood panelling or ceramic tiles then choose to carpet your floor. You can select from various styles especially that of Persian, Rajasthani and ancient Egyptian kinds. They add colour, warmth and also a regal feel. It is best for living rooms with open balconies. When the fresh air kicks in and the feet touch the soft carpets the experience is divine. This is the purpose of a home, to give comfort and keep heart at rest. A place where one can leave all the worries and worldly affairs behind and keep one's mind at peace. We at NYVK, work in close coordination with the needs of our clients. Our sole focus is to bring out your vision in full light. Our team of interior designers are dynamic and are in touch with the upcoming trends. This will help the client to get to know new textures hitting the markets and select from the wide range to style living rooms in wonderful ways. We serve the best installation services and home renovation in the whole of New York City.

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