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Zen Inspired Homes Emanating Tranquillity

Zen Looks are in trend! The busy lives that we are in today, it calls for something that can calm us down and bring tranquillity in our lives. The everyday work stress and problems that we deal drains our energy. We want an ambience that can recharge us and set a positive note to our lives. If the atmosphere at home is not peaceful and you do not get the comfort that you are looking for then now is the time to get a Home Remodeling. Change is good and if done the right way can make the experience one of a kind.

A home is an embodiment of one's soul! Zen a Japanese concept has touched lives around the world. The ideology for simple living is so subtle and relaxing that one finds peace within himself. The Japanese Philosophy revolves around the five elements of nature that are water, wind, earth, fire and Void (Sky). The modern homemakers are using the five elements to build Homes that emanates positivity, liveliness and creates a heart-warming experience to unfurl the idea of simple living. The complex that life has becomes now needs something simpler to calm the mind and fill the home with energies that have a spectacular effect as soon as one enters.What is Zen Philosophy and How to incorporate the elements in a Home?People who are looking to modify their homes and chisel a little bit of heaven on earth, then Zen is the sure way to go. Zen originally means za-zen which is a state meditation where one lets go of all the thoughts and find peace within oneself. The confusion of office, goals of life, little things that consume our energy, the fragments of imagination that we form and much more such thoughts occupy us. When we enter home it should hit us with positivity so much that all the chaos that we are dealing with inside, gets a fresh new outlook where we work progressively. The different spaces of home like the Kitchen, Bathroom, Study, Bedrooms etc. can each exude a Zen feel in such a way that each has a utility that will help channelize positive energy. The Universe is an object of Vibrations! The vibrations are all around us and that will channel the energy inside us. With the help of Zen and using the five elements we can charge energy that can bring comfort and ease. The element of water is the Bathroom of our home. Fire is the Kitchen and can be incorporated in other spaces like the Fireplace, backyard bonfires etc. Wind is the ventilation of the home where the windows help in bringing the fresh air and light inside the house. Earth the garden, the soil and the wall colours with which we can lighten up the house. The Void element can be put to use in many ways, the element of Sky is the open space like an open Balcony, outdoor sitting arrangements etc.It will require a keen sense of Zen and an experienced hand of an Interior Decorator that can the elements beautifully helping to make the experience surreal.Our 5 Tips to Jazz up the Zen feel of the House:Use of Colours: Wall paints should be earthly coloured which is the core idea of Zen looking homes. Light colours lighten up the mood and help in feeling fresh. Earthly colours like shades of beige are best for any space. Whites and greys help in lighting the ambience too. For a Living Room, go for shades of whites and greys. It brightens up the atmosphere where you can add some indoor plants. Subtle shades of pinks and greens can do the magic too. For Bedroom pink shades that are whitish toned can brighten up space. Bathroom goes well with greens.Paintings: Symbolism is another way of projecting Zen in the home. Paintings that are watercolour based depicting flowers, Gardens or mediation like a Buddha Painting in the Living room, Kitchen or Pillar walls of the house can really elevate the feel of a house. Any corridor of the house can turn from a shabby corner to something suiting the décor of the house.Flooring: Choose natural textures like the carpets or go wooden with Parquet flooring. Carpets require regular maintenance which is why usually people opt for vinyl or wooden flooring. Wood is the best because it has the earthy feel and touch that helps in making a home Zen. There are various shades available from dark mahogany red to more subtle colours. According to the décor and rest of the colour scheme of the house, one can choose the flooring type. Simple Construction of the Home: The Zen Homes are not complicated at all. The Home Remodeling for the Zen Homes is pretty simple and basic where the construction is in cubicle form with fewer lines and demarcation. Low table setting, seating arrangements, wood ceilings, stone elements link stone sinks in the bathroom, ethic decoration pieces, vintage lampshades, indoor plants, use of Glass Walls etc. gel beautifully with the idea of Zen. Scents: Use of Scents is a must as that is a part of Zen Therapy. The aromas have a way of relaxing our senses. Natural scents like sandalwood in the drawing room, use of rose scent in the bathrooms, orange or lime in the kitchens helps give a freshness that sets the mood of the place. Essential oils at home or scented candles can help in solving the purpose.A Golden tip!Avoid the clutter and use bare minimum ornaments in the house. Zen means simple living and the homes should reflect a simple lifestyle where there is no unnecessary furniture lying in the house or use of decorative items stacking the mantelpiece. From the Kitchen to Bathroom, the construction should be such that it becomes spacious. A garden facing Kitchen is beautiful to the very core. There can be a little Kitchen garden too according to the interest of the homeowner.A home represents a culture, background and a theme. We at NYVK, New York Versatile Kitchen Design & Build are a Contractor Company that can give you exactly what you are looking for in your Home. Your home should depict you!

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