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Custom Kitchen Cabinets Design

Today marks a pretty important day around here because this is the first post of a start to finish renovation that I’ve done on the blog! After almost a year of planning and saving for this bathroom renovation, I’m so excited to say that we’ve started and we are at the point that there is no turning back, which is exactly the spot I love to be in (cause I’m crazy like that.) So today’s post includes no pretty pictures. (Which is arguable cause I already think it is certainly better than what we started). Like any renovation, we’ve already hit a few snags, but we are set on completing this project. So let’s take a look, shall we… Have the Custom Kitchen Cabinets Design.Home of builder grades everything. And by builder grade I mean, cheap, not quite white, but not quite off white, and horribly thought out when it comes to where to put your toothbrush. -I’ll explain in a minute.Our home is 10 years old and we bought it from the original owners who opted for no upgrades what-so-ever. Sorta my dream senario since it meant that we got the house for a good price and I could make it exactly how I wanted it over time.No upgrades in this hall bathroom meant a bathroom that is all one color with linoleum floors, a one piece tub and shower, and a low and standard particle board vanity. The layout is not bad at all, but I could scrub this bathroom all day long and not feel like it is clean. The color is awful. And it is everywhere.The vanity appears to have drawers right? In fact, I never even thought to look at that as a feature when we were looking at this house cause I thought it was standard to have drawers in a bathroom. WRONG! There are no drawers in any of the bathrooms in my house and it drives me bonkers! We end up with so many things on the counter top that should live in a drawer. My kid’s toothbrushes are in desperate need of a home! So over a year ago, I started putting the bug in the hubs ear that the kid’s bathroom was next on our list. And once we set a date to gut the entire thing you better bet that I cleared our schedules and made sure the kids were occupied so that we could get-er-done. I’m no fool. The hubs was reluctant to start this project and I knew that once it was gutted there would be no turning back. Once we got going though I think we both realized how fun it is to take on some of these big projects together. Sorta took me back to our days before kids when we had more time to tackle big projects like this.

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